After-sales Service

Dear Customer,

We first apologize if you have faced a problem with any of our products.

If your request concerns a product under warranty:

Since your product was bought from a retailer, whether from a store or the internet, you must submit your claim to this retailer.

The retailer in question will respond with further instructions, in accordance with its procedures.

We would also note that we only manage the after-sales service of products purchased in France, in collaboration with sales outlets.

Limits of the warranty:

The warranty is void and does not apply when the defect arises due to:

– improper use or a use not provided for in the instructions,

– installation not in accordance with the instructions,

– improper storage, lack of maintenance,

– repair or modification by an unauthorized third party,

– the use of non-original spare parts,

– deterioration due to exceptional weather conditions such as: thunderstorms, hail, gales, floods or any other case of force majeure.

Professional or commercial use is excluded from the warranty.

If your product is no longer under warranty or if the defect is not covered by the warranty:

As our supply of spare parts is limited, it is reserved for claims under warranty.

Why is our supply of parts limited?

We do not make product collections that continue from year to year, but rather exclusive and / or made-to-order products, with an estimated quantity of spare parts manufactured at the same time as the finished products. That is why we are required to reserve these parts for warranty, or else risk running out of stock.

However, we remain at your disposal for any question about a product or after-sales service out of warranty.

Feel free to leave us a message. We promise we will make every effort to answer as best as we can.

For an after-sales service claim out of warranty, please provide us with the following: Last name, First name, Email address, EAN Code (or a full description of the product concerned), Date of purchase, Product colour, product codes and quantities of parts required according to the instruction manual.

Best regards

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After-sales Service

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